WIN – we got a house and got to tell JNMIL that it’s right next to her ex (JYFIL)!

My husband and I have been together 8 years, married for 1 year. His mom is acts sweet as a peach on the surface but more like a rotten apple underneath. She has caused me so much misery and I never sink to her level but I finally got a victory.

This weekend we got to call her with some great news. We bought a house! But not just any house…

A house that happens to be a 7-minute drive from her ex-husband, my JYFIL and his wife!

It was so fun ambushing her with the news. She didn’t see it coming at all because JYFIL and his wife live about 1.5 hours away from our current city. However, my husband and I both recently got remote jobs and decided to move to FIL’s town because homes are more affordable and we love the area.

I know this just be driving JNMIL crazy since we shared the news because it confirms how much more we like FIL than her. They’ve been divorced 15 years and she never moved on. He has remarried to another woman for 5+ years but JNMIL is still stuck in the past. It’s the cause of many of her mental health issues in my opinion.

The best part is that JNMIL used to live in this same town where we are now buying but she moved out of state 5 years ago. By total coincidence, I got a job in her old state and we moved there right after she left. So for the last 5 years, we’ve been only 1.5 hours from FIL and see him monthly. She’s spent that whole time musing about the “bad timing” of her move and how she’s wishes she wasn’t in another state.

We didn’t move to this town to rub it into her face that she could have been so close to us if she hadn’t moved, or to rub it in that we are close to JYFIL but that is the damn icing on my cake. And I have a house!!!

WIN – we got a house and got to tell JNMIL that it’s right next to her ex (JYFIL)!