When JNMIL sent a letter after 5months NC

This happend a while back but I was just thinking about it when talking to a friend about her JNMIL.

We went NC with all of SO’s JN family. I never wanted to resume contact, SO wanted time away from them to think and just space to breath.

It was SO’s birthday, the day of we get an envelope in the post and it’s a birthday card with a letter.

The letter basically said that they had some gifts that SO’s extended family had bought BEFORE our twins were born as congratulations on the new baby gifts, just some gifts for them.

Now it’s important to note we refuse all the many many random gifts and things the JNs buy and for general gift giving we asked for charity donations or adopt a tiger type things because we didn’t need more clothes or toys etc. The JNs hated this and refused. JNMIL and JNBIL kept on about how they buy gifts to show love – didn’t like it when we said the best way to show children love is respecting their parents!

Letter comes. We read it. SO id pissed because they couldn’t just give him space so that’s pushed him back months and again wants nothing to do with them.
I’m like ‘why when our children are almost 3 would we wants gifts bought for newborn babies’ the likelihood that any of these gifts apparently bought before they were born AND before we put our boundaries in place about gifts are age appropriate for an almost 3yr old is slim.

SO brought it back up a week later questioning the same thing, why would we want baby age gifts for almost 3yr olds?

It just so happened SO’s birthday and this letter was after Christmas…..
It just so happened that prior to NC JNMIL told us she donated £100 to an army related charity and could proove it with the receipt so we had to let her give the kids gifts – totally ignoring the whole giving donations instead of more crap we don’t need.
Also MIL forgot that she told us the year before how she always gives to X charity at Christmas because her dad was involved with the army……

I just don’t get it. I mean I work with dogs so I understand extinction bursts. What used to work doesn’t so you do it more and more intense until you get the outcome you expect.
But come on we are supposed to be an intellectual species!
Do JustNos honestly not think we can see though this behaviour and do they not stop to think maybe it will make things worse?

When JNMIL sent a letter after 5months NC