WFH lunches with no prep?

I work from home and am A: overworked and B: have ADHD. I never know what to do for lunch and I’m looking for a simple solution, something I can have in bulk in the cupboard or fridge and grab every day for lunch. It doesn’t have to be that filling as I don’t have much of an appetite until the evening, but I need something.

I’m sick of sandwiches . Ramen is cool but cooking on the hob is a pain. Basically imagine the laziest person you know and think what you’d recommend them to eat.

I want something healthy too as I’m trying to lose weight. I work on the computer so I’m really sedentary. I thought cereal bars were good but apparently even the supposedly healthy ones are full of sugar. Cereal is a possibility but I’m trying to cut dairy and the non-dairy milks are pricey.

If something is healthy, cheap, and tasty, I don’t mind if it needs prep as long as I can prepare a week’s worth in bulk at the weekend and then store it. I just don’t want to prepare something every lunchtime.

I struggle with maintaining habits so I want something that can just become my go-to meal without me thinking about it.

Any tips? I know that’s a lot haha

WFH lunches with no prep?