Should I threaten to file harassment

UPDATE: I decided to fill out a cease and desist legal letter to send.

UPDATE x2: GUYS, I got off the phone with my service company to get her number officially and completely blocked off my phone. Guess what? The person helping me ALSO has a wife who has a Ex-JNMIL!!!! Insane!!! We ended up sharing our stories with each other lol

See profile for history but basically, DH and I have been nc/lc with his mom. NC started for me in January and DH finally had to go NC the literal FIRST NIGHT of our honeymoon.

My JNMIL has been cyber stalking me since February of this year. She’s blocked but can still leave voicemails and I now have a total of 20 voicemails ranging from 30 seconds to 2 mins.

She doesn’t show signs of stopping and if she does she starts right back up within 3 weeks. I’m so uncomfortable I’m to the point where I called my dad to ask if it was a good idea to bring up a harassment charge/threat to my husband because I just have no freaking clue anymore.

I’m at the end of my rope, we’ve tried talking to her 4-5 times about her behavior, she needs to leave us alone, this behavior is absolutely insane. Nothing works and at this point I want to just call her privately and lay the fuck in to her. Rip her 4 new assholes, screech into the void, literally anything to get this to stop.

I have PSTD and Bipolar disorder, I can’t take the emotional dis-regulation constantly.

What would be a good way to bring it up to DH that this is something I’d like to do?

Should I threaten to file harassment