Seeking To Lose Weight On A Budget ($30 Per Week Max)

In short, I live in an Asian country and I dearly want to lose weight quickly and safely using mostly local ingredients , but I’m kind of lost with how to start.

**Important info:** I have access to a shared kitchen with a two-induction stove burner, a blender, a rice cooker, an air fryer, a microwave, a fridge and a small freezer. I have a sort-of slow cooker/hot pot cooker. I’m also something of a picky eater with a bland, British palate.

**Allergies:** I’m technically gluten intolerant and insulin-resistant so I’d like to avoid breads, wraps and so on. I have a suspicion that I may be lactose intolerant because of how I feel after drinking/having too many dairy products.

**Cooking Skill:** I can throw things into a pan and sautee them all. I accidentally melted my slow cooker/hot pot thing in my last apartment and now I have a minor fear of cooking. In general, I’m a base beginner.

**Looking for:** advice for ingredients to buy for cheap, healthy, protein rich meals. I don’t eat breakfasts. I have a major sweet tooth and would like to not spend a tonne of money of candy weekly to satiate it.

Seeking To Lose Weight On A Budget ($30 Per Week Max)