No Vaccine around Newborn?

I’m pregnant and my Mother just informed me that she will not get her flu vaccine or get a COVID booster prior to the baby coming . Standard recommendations from doctors say that all people in close contact with a newborn should be up to date on tdap and flu vaccine, and my doctor adds COVID vaccine to that list.

I logically know risks are low for both flu and COVID but really don’t want to take the chances of getting a newborn sick. I mean I’ll be postpartum and have a newborn, and getting sick on top of that would be awful. So if she won’t get vaccinated I’m not sure when I’d let her visit – maybe not until 6 months when the baby’s has all her vaccines? I live in a different state.

I’m crushed because I had my first son in April 2020 so was unable to have friends or family participate in the excitement of having a new baby and share in our happiness. I was looking forward to having my mom come and stay with me for a week or so after the baby is born.

Mind you my mother has been very anti vaccine ever since COVID, but my sisters and I and her doctor were able to convince her to get vaccinated. She says she regrets it. My mother and I also generally disagree on a lot politically but she’s my mom and I want her to be there for me. She consistently picks her so called morals over me at special times in my life. I’ll add that she did not attend my wedding because it was not religious . This is just to add context to why I’m so hurt about her also choosing to not participate in welcoming a new grandchild to the world. I feel like this shows that she doesn’t truly care for me and shows her lack of empathy.

Am I overreacting?

EDIT- prior to COVID my mom had no issues with vaccines and thought people who were opposed to vaccines were crazy.

EDIT # 2- THANK YOU for the supportive comments. I find I tend to back off around my mom because I’m always trying to keep the peace, and I second guess if I’m being reasonable. I appreciate the support.

No Vaccine around Newborn?