Need some cheap but balanced dinner ideas please


I am a student working in the Bay Area. My housing is being covered by my program and they are also providing breakfast.

For breakfast, I usually eat some scrambled eggs, a bagel with cream cheese, and a cup of orange juice.

For lunch, I make myself a banana smoothie and have a light snack and I’m good to go till 6 or 7 PM.

The job doesn’t pay that much which is completely fine with me since the most important part is being covered. I am looking for **cheap, filling, balanced dinner ideas that can help set a routine for me in terms of money and time being spent everyday cooking.** I absolutely **do not mind** eating the exact same thing for dinner every night. I am not picky at all when it comes to food.

I have access to a microwave oven, stove, and toaster. I was thinking I could make myself a tuna salad on toast every night, accompanied by some chopped salad, guac and hummus. If I get hungry before bed , I could make myself some oatmeal in milk but I am trying to avoid as much sugar as possible.

I can only eat Kosher or Halal meat and I am also biking about 5 miles everyday to and from work since I am looking to lose some flab. The most convenient grocery option for me is Safeway.

What are some ideas that I should consider? Thank you!

Need some cheap but balanced dinner ideas please