NC Has Finally Happened

First of all no sharing outside of here. I do not give permission for sharing, copying, reposting, or anything else to any platform. This is really long. TL;DR at end.

It has been a long time since I’ve updated, due to life getting busy. MIL has been up to her usual shenanigans. Birthday party last year had gone off mostly without a hitch. She left early because we didn’t give her the attention she wanted for her and her son. Our little one was born at the end of the year. We kept everyone away for two weeks. She didn’t bother to come visit until almost four weeks after birth and tried hard to push boundaries by showing up before the time we gave her. DH refused to open the door until that time, which pissed her off since it was -5 degrees out. She didn’t see him or any of the other kids until May when she came for OS birthday. She got mad at us again because we didn’t let her son cause chaos and make messes for everyone else to clean up.

And that brings us to June. My ex and his mother gave my oldest kiddos Covid and didn’t bother saying anything. He knew but didn’t bother telling me until near two days after he dropped them off. We all ate up to date except the youngest two, since they were too young. Things were going okay. We all had pretty mild symptoms, each of us having slightly different ones. We didn’t take any chances though and isolated for the full ten days. FIL and SMIL were wonderful in dropping stuff off at the porch and leaving. As was youngest SIL. MIL insisted DH come outside to get the stuff. Then dropped by a different day while I was doing yard work and the kids were playing. She tried to come in the yard and I had to tell her to leave. By day ten we were all feeling better. Then shot hit the fan. My six month old all of sudden was insanely sick. We called the nurse line and they told us to go to the ER. I left DH at home and rushed him in. Multiple tests later they couldn’t find anything concrete. They were ready to send us on our way when the doctor asked me to nurse him again and the room looked like the exorcist. They decided to admit us. By this point DH got youngest SIL to come watch the other three so he could come to the hospital. After he got there, MIL kept a barrage of texts going, trying to tell us what to do and pump him for all the information. He gave small answers back. She kept it up until two in the morning, after we were finally taken upstairs. I stayed and DH went home to be with the other kiddos. The next day DH tried to find someone to watch the kids as SIL was busy. It finally came down to MIL. She showed up with her son, which I understood, but was also annoyed for her not making sure since we were insanely stressed already. DH made it as simple as possible for her. OS can handle a lot of things babysitting, but has adhd so we know adult supervision is still best. So DH was telling OS what things to do, including changing diapers. MIL got all mad “don’t talk to him like that! I got it. He’s fine!” I wanted to come through the phone so bad. Both DH and OS are very direct people so their communication between each other is very direct and MIL hates that. When DH got to the hospital she kept sending messages trying to pump him for info. But he wasn’t responding because he was trying to support me and YS. Then she went silent. After a few hours he decided to call to see how the kids were. No answer. He called five times over an hour and sent a couple messages. Still no answer. Finally we called OS. After a couple times he answered. He went downstairs to give her the phone and then told us “grandma’s asleep”. He was scared to wake her up. So DH let him know to play with 3yo DS and make sure DD was doing well, as well as MIL’s son. An hour later she calls back. He asked her wtf and she decided to blame HIM for being so tired, saying she had to be up all night while we were in the ER so she could answer questions. Which he never asked. I told DH I wasn’t comfortable with her watching them again after this and he agreed. Then she began to blow up his phone asking when he was going to be home. After running and getting me dinner he went back home. When I say the house was a disaster, I’m not kidding. Food all over the floor, garbage everywhere, DD’s room had every toy bin dumped out. Multiple dirty dishes. MIL left right away when she realized she wasn’t going to get info out of DH. He asked OS what had happened. OS explained that MIL was on her phone or asleep almost the whole time. She only got up once to stop DD from being dangerous out on the play set. Instead of being able to rest, DH had to spend two hours cleaning everything.

The next morning DH was trying to get up to the hospital early, cause YS was getting a tube placed and he didn’t want me alone. SIL let us know she could come over early afternoon. After trying everyone else, he tried MIL, but she couldn’t until after the time of SIL, so he told her not to worry. During this time he finds garbage outside at the play set. After talking to the kids DH finds out it was DD and MIL’s son who left the mess. DH spoke with DD and she had to clean it all up, while he explained to her that we already having skunks and raccoons coming in the yard and that food like that will attract them more. SIL shows up, DH was getting ready to go, and then MIL texted SIL that she was done and could come “relieve her”. SIL told her no, she just got here, and was fine. MIL didn’t message either DH or myself. Just as DH was about to go out the door, there shows up MIL. Without an invite, with being told no by SIL, and without talking to us. DH wasn’t even gonna fight them staying at the house, but talked to MIL’s son and explained that if he was going to leave trash everywhere and help destroy DD’s bedroom, then he wasn’t going to be allowed to come over. MIL. Lost. Her. Mind. Started screaming at him not to talk to her son like that, calling him abusive, and stormed out saying she wanted nothing to do with us. She then sent a text telling him to get on medication and stop abusing her son as well as OS and DD. I about lost my damn mind . I told him under now circumstances is she to come to our home ever again. That I am not going to allow this anymore. She sent another message telling him she didn’t want a relationship with him anymore, that she did so much supporting us through Covid and YS in the hospital, then deleted and blocked him on Facebook. All this while YS is in the hospital fighting for his life, and we are both stressed beyond what we have ever been. She then got pissed at SIL for not jumping in and started attacking her, as well as telling her that our kids were going to grow up and hate DH, that I would leave DH just like I left my abusive ex, and so much more. SIL did amazing ignoring her. I told her to just be a black hole, which she did great at. She ended up coming over daily to watch the kids so DH could come to the hospital. We ended up spending two weeks there and YS got sent home with a tube and lots of appointments to follow up with. MIL asked SIL the other day how our YS was. Her only response was “ask your son.” Which she did not like.

I wrote out an entire message to her to address all of her BS as well as to inform her to never speak to us again or step on our property. I have not sent it. Writing it helped a lot though. I did tell DH that if she tries to contact us again that I will send it. He agreed. We are glad to be home and all together again. I have panic attacks and terrible anxiety after everything we went through at the hospital and know I need to find a therapist to work through it all. YS also has terrible anxiety as well after it all and does not like anyone approaching him except for me, DH, and siblings. We will get through it all and I am glad to be NC with MIL and no longer have her constant BS to deal with.

TL;DR youngest son ended up in hospital for two weeks with serious post Covid complications. MIL lost her mind when DH enforced rules on MIL’s son while at our house. NC has happened and she is no longer welcome in our lives.

NC Has Finally Happened