My masterplan of living off frozen and preserved foods

So, I had a brilliant idea of making delicious food that is also healthy, nutritious, and convenient. The holy grail. It eliminates a lot of cooking steps and streamlines grocery shopping. Involves a lot of storeage.

– Bulk buy organic frozen fruits and vegetables from Costco, and fermented foods from Asian markets . Frozen meats if able to.

– Also get canned fish, canned fish organs, and raw nuts from Costco. Brown rice from the Asian store.

– Get an oven for the frozen vegetables and blender for the frozen fruit. Rice cooker for the rice.

– Last but not least, a lot of seasonings.

– Each meal will consist of a type of protein, roasted vegetables, a small cup of frozen fruit mixed with nuts, brown rice, and some pickled side dishes.

– Can even switch it up by making a tea from the frozen fruit.

– I plan to eat with a small bowl of rice while using the oven tray as a platter. All I would have to clean is the small bowl, oven tray, utensils, and rice cooker on occasion.

– Also I can potentially ship most of this stuff to me without worrying about quality control since it’s mostly frozen packages of stuff, or bulk buy it in person.

– I can easily meal prep this way as well.

– This plan is very flexible and can add or detract things to as just for budget. Not everything has to be preserved; could buy some eggs and milk for example, but the core of it is very nutritiously complete imo.

I actually don’t see a downside. Has anyone tried doing this?

My masterplan of living off frozen and preserved foods