MIL wants to put down her dog because she doesn’t want it anymore; big fight with DH

UPDATE: ILs have agreed to let me take the female dog finally …. I’ve scheduled her spay/vaccines with my own vet and I am in contact with some rescues, looking for a placement for her since we can’t keep her ourselves. Still trying to work out talking to them about the male dog. They do not want to give him up and my MIL is denying he is skinny. I thought taking the dog would make me feel better, and I DO feel better knowing she’s safe but I’m still just as angry at everyone as I was 2 days ago.

I’m so angry.

I’ve been married to my husband for 4 years and his MIL has gotten worse every year to the point I can’t stand her at all anymore. I might go backwards in our timeline and make posts about our many past awful interactions but here’s just what is happening right now.

Relevant info: We are all farmers. My husband works on the farm but we live 5 miles away. ILs have custody of SILs 2 school aged children and they live at the farm. DH & I have 3 kids, 2 are mine from a previous relationship and 3rd is our baby together.

Now to the story … The old farm dog passed away last summer so ILs decided to get 2 new puppies – a brother and sister. Everyone knows that it is a bad idea to get 2 farm puppies at the same time, as they are likely to wander away, but MIL wanted the white
female puppy and begged to have her.

So Puppies came with parvo, were treated and survived but MIL refused to vaccinate them after. She’s an anti-vaxxer. She also didn’t get them altered. They are outside only, not house broken and not leash trained. They love all the kids and seem happy but I’ve always felt sad about their life. I feel they are neglected. It’s worth noting we don’t have livestock, we farm the land. So the dogs don’t have a job and just lay around all day. ILs have a 2nd home in the city so the dogs are left alone on the farm atleast once or twice a week when ILs go to the city and just leave them behind.

Fast forward, this spring rolls around and the female is pregnant of course, with most likely her own brothers puppies. DH thinks his mom wanted this to happen – apparently she always wanted to raise a litter. They refuse to spay abort or surrender to a rescue. They are pro life so not surprising. MIL is excited! Thrilled! It’s disgusting to hear her talk about. Her teenage mutt dog is pregnant with incest puppies and she’s over the moon. After the puppies are born she even brings them to kids school for show and tell! . I refused to meet the puppies even once and if DH tried to talk to me about them I told him I didn’t want to hear it. She ends up selling the puppies for $250 each The last ones finally left last week.

So Yesterday I went out to the farm when DH was working there so all the kids could have a play date together. It had been a couple months since I’d gone out there. Both dogs looked skinny, the mama dog is limping. I asked my DH if she had been to the vet and he told me that his parents are getting rid of her. She is wandering . They don’t want to pay the surrender fee at the SPCA so if no one takes her they are going to “put her down”. Which means FIL will shoot her.

I was horrified. We began arguing about this. DH kept repeating that it’s not our dog and I kept repeating that who cares, this is WRONG. At one point one of MILs kids comes over and casually mentions how the dog is getting put down by FIL. The child didn’t have any emotion about this. It was so heartbreaking they think that’s a normal thing to do!!!

Then all the kids went and sat in the shade with the dog, who was sleeping with her head in their laps. She is a good dog and deserves better.

I told DH we are taking the dog and will pay the vet care and the surrender fees to a rescue ourselves. We can’t take her home to keep but damned if I’ll let them shoot her! So much for pro life!!! DH didn’t understand my anger and I got frustrated with him and said I would never bring the kids back to the farm again because I don’t want them exposed to this cruelty. DH was not happy about this and we fought for what felt like hours while I begged him to talk to his parents and let me take the dog. He did not want to talk to them, he never wants to rock the boat.

In the end he said he asked them and I think they are going to let me take her but I’m still just so mad at everyone.

What kind of people do things like this? They are supposed to be Christian’s but my MIL lost interest in the dog so they thinking shooting it is fine. Disgusting. And my DH not defending the poor dog? Ugh. I need him to start standing up to them!

Edit to add incase this is important: DH is not employed by MIL or FIL. They share a yard site but DH has his own farmland. The men in the family help each other out by working together, but nobody pays each other and they each have their own land they depend on. They cannot fire him and have no control over our family income.

MIL wants to put down her dog because she doesn’t want it anymore; big fight with DH