MIL showed up at my house drunk

I’ll give a bit of context first:
Been with hubby for 8 years, MIL has always been extremely rude, always causing problems in the family with her ridiculous behaviour. And ridiculous is an understatement. Like the shit she has done is not even close to ok. Hubbys family is Hispanic so, very family’s very hard to get it through my husbands head that just because she’s his mother, it doesn’t mean he needs to put up with her behaviour.

To the story of what happened to me last night –

It was 9:30 pm on Wednesday night. I had just got my son to sleep and walked out his his room to hear my MIL screaming at hubby downstairs.
“I want to see f****** my grandson” “why aren’t you f***** answering your phone?”
I got downstairs and this woman is piss drunk, like can barely stand, eyes rolling back in her head.
So I ask “what the f*** is going on and why are you in my house yelling?”
She starts yelling at me about how we ignore her phone calls and how she wants to see her grandson and her son.
I told her to get out of my house or I was calling the cops. She proceeded to yell at me some more and hubby got her out of the house. Upon talking to hubby after she left, he told me that he had forgotten to lock the door and she barged right in. Came upstairs from the basement and she was sitting in our living room like she lives here. So basically, she broke into our house.

For me, this is the final straw. I am so mad that she showed up at my house, LET HERSELF IN, drunk as all hell, being AGGRESSIVE with my child in the home. What is he was awake? Why on earth does she think it’s ok to show up drunk trying to see a child?!what if we were all asleep? Why does she think it’s ok to call the mother of her grandson a bitch?

As someone who grew up with both my parents getting drunk frequently; I remember how negatively it affected me as a child and still does to this day.

I’m at the point where I need to be the bad guy and give her consequences for her actions. Her family won’t cause she’s ‘family’. I don’t want her around me or my son until she can stop drinking and start respecting me as his mother. I’m fully prepared to uninvited her from his birthday this weekend.
I just need help to know if I’m doing the right thing. I feel like I am. But I can’t help but feel bad because if I stopped her from seeing my son, it would put the whole family in an uproar. For some reason, these people treat her like she’s the matriarch when she’s really just a crazy drunk bitch and not a nice person.


MIL showed up at my house drunk