MIL Kicking us out – an update

So I posted last week about my MIL who came to stay in the home we rent from her, for what was supposed to be a week or so, and then ultimately ended up going to an attorney to have us kicked out.

She hasn’t spoke to my partner since, but this morning they bumped into each other at that gate. So how’s this you guys.

She said she’s forced to do this, because I am switching off the power to the garage when my partner isn’t home. I mean!!! That just shows how little she thinks of me, that she thinks she can make up such a story in the hopes my partner believes her!

Why does she even think I have the time for that? I run a household AND a company. The garage isn’t even on it’s own circuit breaker – the plugs are connected to the kitchen plugs and the lights are connected to the lounge mains. So that’s not even feasible to do without inconveniencing myself, which I am not prepared to do because I’m not so spiteful a person that I am prepared to put myself out.

My therapist thinks it’s a last attempt for her to try get my partner to I don’t know, suddenly after 19 years see I’m a terrible, terrible person. It didn’t work and it just spurs me on to expedite the moving process.

I’ve packed up about 80% of the house, I can’t do anymore because we don’t know how long we’re going to be here for so I can’t pack up EVERYTHING.

MIL Kicking us out – an update