MIL bought me scarves I never asked for to use as breastfeeding covers

Do I have a JUSTNOMIL lol?

I’ve been EBF my 3 month old since LO was born. My MIL has visited us a few times since then.. starting with staying with us a few days after he was born and then a couple family gatherings since then.

The last time she visited, she gave me a gift bag with two scarves in it to use while breastfeeding. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it but thanked her. I do not plan on using them but now feel awkward breastfeeding around her without a cover. I’ve tried using a muslin cover and it was a pain in the ass to keep in place while also trying to keep baby latched well. These also aren’t lightweight scarves and it’s 100 degrees out now in the summer.

I’ll admit I was a bit uncomfortable breastfeeding around people when my LO was first born and would go in a separate room as I was a FTM but since then I feel much more empowered and boobs are no longer as sexualized to me – I’m literally sustaining this child with my breasts. I no longer feel the need to hide while feeding him and have fed him in the same room as my mother, father, sister, MIL and FIL during a family gathering last month without a cover but still discreetly since baby’s head covers most of the nip. My mother, father and sister could care less and actually think it’s weird if I feel the need to hide lol.

I’m not sure if she gifted me the covers because she wants me to wear around her and FIL or if she was just being nice? Now I kindof don’t want to feed LO in the same room as them at the next gathering we have coming up.

MIL bought me scarves I never asked for to use as breastfeeding covers