LowFodmap + EPI

Main questions:
How can I eat anything following this strict diet without going over the lowfodmap serving if lots of foods are only allowed in table spoons or teaspoons?If I eat 5 meals a day I am still skeptical.

Anyone have insight of how to safely follow low fodmaps without starving?

Any meal ideas with my conditions?

I need to do better. I have been lazy and only eat 3 meals a day and get 1000-1200 kcals a day. I am 27 years old,5’11, 178 pounds and trying to be active again after being sedentary and losing all of my muscle. I think my metabolism had crashed due to not enough nutrition, insomnia, and stress. I do not want to live this sort of life anymore I need things to change.

I also got the Monash app which is suppose to be good for lowfodmaps but see conflicting information . The app does not seem to track macros and many foods are missing info like what serving is a moderate amount.

Thanks if anyone can help!

LowFodmap + EPI