JNMum brings covid to my house

My parents flew interstate to visit myself, my toddler and meet my newborn. I picked them up from the train station, hugged them both and we took the luggage to the car. On the walk, my mother has informed me she’s got a cough but it’s just a tonsillitis cough. She doesn’t have tonsillitis so I’m not sure what that’s really meant to mean? Anyways.

I ask “Have you done a covid test?”

To which she responds “no I haven’t got any symptoms”

I inform her “a cough is a symptom. You could have covid with no symptoms so I’m going to need you to do a test before you go anywhere near the kids”

She replies “we don’t have any tests”

I let her know we have plenty at home and she and my father will need to take tests.
We get home, I provide the tests and she asks how to do it as she’s never done one. I explain how, help them both out and set a timer. After around 10 mins I just do a quick check and see the 2 lines indicating one of them is positive.

I immediately tell them someone’s positive and to go outside. I’m beyond confused as to how they thought it was appropriate to visit a newborn with any type of cold / flu / covid symptom without informing the parents and doing a test.
Straight to hotel quarantine, only because I called and found them a hotel. My father made a joke that they’d just be staying at our place because they couldn’t get a hotel. I’m sorry, no.

My mother has apologised many times, saying she “Didn’t mean for this crap to happen”
Well if you didn’t mean for it to happen why weren’t you upfront and proactive? It was 100% avoidable.

Not really sure how I’m meant to proceed with them. That’s what I’d like advice on. I feel betrayed and so so angry

JNMum brings covid to my house