Jnmom is crying to everyone about me not letting her see LO

I cut contact with my mother a short while ago, this time for good although she wasn’t informed of the permanent status per my therapist suggestions.

Yesterday I got a phone call from one of my aunts asking me if it’s true that I blocked my mother on all platforms.

She proceeded to tell me how Jnmom is having such a hard time and she’s distraught. Telling me she understands if I don’t want to deal with my mom but that I should let her have some contact with LO even if it’s Just once a month for 10 minutes. To give her one last chance for the sake of my child.

I told her I’m doing this FOR my child who doesn’t deserve that kind of grandma. She kept insisting that she would talk to her sister and make sure she followed my rules and boundaries, I tried to explain to her that it doesn’t matter who talks to her and that she had already had many chances, this was her own doing. In the end I didn’t give in and was very firm.

However I was so upset after the call, I shouldn’t have to defend myself. This was our decision. I hate that they don’t ask my side of things they just argue for her because she’s my mother and somehow that grants her the right to stomp all over us?

I expected her to victimize herself and make me the villain. But using my extended family as spokesman is a low blow. I don’t have the energy to have this conversation again with other aunts and uncles.

Im debating making a post on fb for them to see so they don’t even bother and also to warn about sharing pictures of LO with Jnmom, but I also don’t want to indulge in the drama. Should I just wait to see who comes out in Jnmom’s defense? Make a point to refuse to discuss with them and keep them in mind to share less info with them in the future knowing they’re on her side? Idk I feel like I’m overthinking things. Im just overwhelmed with everything.

Jnmom is crying to everyone about me not letting her see LO