JMMIL and childcare issues.

Sorry for any typing mistakes.

So a little bit of background. My JMMIL is usually great but lately she’s becoming a JNMIL To keep the story short my partner, my two boys , and myself live with my MIL, SFIL, and DH’s 12 yo cousin that MIL took in 3 years back.

Now that it’s summer and I’m a SAHM. MIL has been leaving cousin home with me which usually doesn’t bother me except when last minute plans come up or I just want to do something outside of the house. MIL can take him to work with her but complains that she’s miserable when she does.

On to the point lol I’m sorry I’m rambling.

My grandpa died last week and the funeral/service is scheduled for tomorrow. On top of that this week I have appointments everyday which chafed her to have to either take him to work with her or leave him home with DH’s great aunt since she was off today. We’ll I just got word that instead of starting at X time it’s been pushed to be an hour earlier.

We’ll, when we told MIL she told us it was our responsibility to figure out care for cousin. She also said that we añitos take responsibility and that all week she’s had to figure it out because I’ve been unavailable. She also said she’s not taking him to work with her over a 30 minute gap and that she’s not going to be miserable for 9 hours.

I do nor do well with confrontation and I suffer with depression and anxiety so I went up to my room and I could hear her cursing at me although I don’t know what was said.

Frankly I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to figure out care for a kid who’s not mine. I know that might sound heartless but I’m not his guardian I shouldn’t have that responsibility.

I’m literally in tears writing this and I don’t feel safe going downstairs in fear of confrontation. I don’t know what to do or how to feel.

Also to add I have to give her a weeks notice of all my plans for the next week even though she’ll forget. And if my DH and I want to take the boys out somewhere for family time MIL insists on us taking cousin with us and If we say no her and SFIL will call us mean and add assholes.

JMMIL and childcare issues.