JHNGMA does it again


My JHNGMA has been a nightmare this whole week, she really amped it up for some reason we didnt know, but right now her scheme was revealed.

My nephew’s birthday is next week so my family is planning a little meal with cake and all that, but JHNGMA have been saying she is feeling even way more sick than ever. Somethings can actually be explained by her lack of following docto’s directions and the other reasons i attribute them to just plain karma.

Tomorrow morning my JMMIL and JMFIL are taking my OD to ride her bike on a nice big park, it wont take them long and its a nice way for her to burn energy before she devours more sugar during the day, YD is usually napping at that time so we are going to be staying just DH, YD and me in the house , just chilling… At least that was the plan.

JMM dropped this bomb: the cousin who SA at age 5 is coming tomorrow. Why? Cuz JHNGMA wants to see her daugther, and by extension, the two bastards with their offsprings.

Apparently, my nephew’s bday was supposed to be in the morning, but they changed due to weather, so she went ahead and invited them to come over so she can have a morning/evening with them. Now that we are gonna be staying upstairs, my anxiety is slowly but steady getting to a critical state. OD is gonna be nowhere around the house, so thats a plus, but us?

Before you say we should also get out, we cant. We are having water shortages in my country and the water is only coming from 4 am to 11 am, so we actually do a lot of cooking, cleaning, laundy and all that during that time and, because i didnt knew they were coming, i left all the laundry and dishes to do tomorrow.

I dont know why i wrote this. I dont know if i need advice, to destress or what. Help.

JHNGMA does it again