Is it cheaper to shop at Walmart or Fred Meyer?

My bf and I were debating last night about whether its cheaper to shop at Walmart or Fred Meyer.

Fred Meyer gives us coupons monthly on things we usually buy, including fresh vegetables, and we also clip coupons from the Fred Meyer app. Its saved us a lot of money since we’ve started utilizing the coupons. We have also been utilizing their blue tag sales where if by five or more items with a blue tag and you’ll get the discount for all blue tagged items, which really has seemed to save a lot of money these past few trips.

We also get points for fred meyer gasoline too and end up saving about 2 dollars a gallon. My bf says fred meyer is some of the cheapest gas and with the points deal its even better, although I haven’t exactly checked other gas stations and compared the price so I’m not exactly sure.

I can’t help but notice though the walmart prices for groceries compared to fred meyer seem much cheaper even without coupons. Although I will admit the walmart in my town is fairly small. Their produce section at this location doesn’t always seem to have much selection or quality fruits and vegetables.

We typically by fresh or whole bulk foods, with the exception of a couple processed snack items.

Which store has seemed saved you more money? Which stores do you prefer do shop at for the best deals?

Is it cheaper to shop at Walmart or Fred Meyer?