I’m PAST the point of annoyance and irritation

I was told to post this here; so here i am

So a little information to make the read a little easier; my husbands mom has been living with us since the end of January maybe the beginning of February literally for free. We’ve got 3 bio kids and we get my stepson every weekend and usually every holiday/summer breaks.

So anyways, my husband and I have been arguing so much since MIL moved in, it’s been a nightmare. But after we argue she gives these fake “motivational” speeches which he has even admitted seem more like “you know you don’t have to deal with this kind of *TYRANNY*” . It has stressed me to the literal max. We were already living paycheck to paycheck before adding an extra mouth to feed. I recently started work but it irks me to my core that I’m working for my husbands mom to live with us in our tiny apartment for free.

On top of that, my mom recently got put on house arrest and relies solely on us to take her back and forth to her third shift job and me having to work at 8:30 am. The other day i was late because I was finishing dinner for my kids and she FLIPPED out on me. Told me i gotta “do better”. Even though she knew I was late because of finishing dinner for my kids. AND she lives with my grandmother, who is also a licensed driver with a vehicle. She said if she got sent back to prison then it was my fault.

Also within the last week, we ran out of gas while on our way to her job at the gas station for her to literally put $5 in.

My mom literally acts like our whole life should revolve around her. A friend of mine asked if my husband could take her boyfriend to the store for formula and diapers , they paid my husband $10-$15 anytime they needed an errand ran, and my mom literally said to me “i don’t put gas in for you to run everybody else everywhere”. Like excuse me???? I am literally SO frustrated and can’t even find peace in my home now either.

Sorry for the long rant but i just needed to vent, maybe I am just super stressed & easily frustrated bc of it, idk. all i know is I’m mentally exhausted and miss our home being a place i could be 100% vulnerable and if my husband and i disagreed we could disagree without his mom being our audience and trying to subtly convince him that I’m the enemy . If you made it this far thanks for letting me get this off my chest because I’m for real about to rip my hair out.

This is really just me needing a safe place to vent. Advice isn’t necessarily *NEEDED* but it is always accepted. Any input at all is accepted.

I’m PAST the point of annoyance and irritation