How to make Soba/rice/Chow mein noodles without asian staples?

First of all, I know the questions seems weird… I couldn’t find any similar question on reddit or google, I hope it’s not an impossible task.

The reason why I want to cook Asian noodles without Asian ingredients is that I live in a small city in Italy and the options for Asian staples are very narrow or too expensive, but I found the noodles at Lidl and they were either sold out or didnt have the ingredients needed for the sauces.

Most recipes ask for at least and often more than 2 of these: rice vinegar, soy sauce, miso paste, sesame oil, sriracha, oyster/fish sauce.
The only one I can realistically buy is soy sauce.

I have most things basic staples and can buy ingredients or tweak recipes, but I cannot find a single recipe for a sauce for those noodles with the ingredients I can buy.
I also have red curry paste and tahini, and several different seasonings.

Last time I bought Udon noodles I made kind of a Ramen with vegetable and chicken broth, a little bit of soy sauce, vegetables and sauteed garlic chicken breast. This is the only recipe I can think of but I don’t want to make the same recipe with three different noodles and I don’t know if the pasta sauces I am used to cooking would work with those types of noodles.

How to make Soba/rice/Chow mein noodles without asian staples?