How I meal prep a week of burritos

I’ve been having these burritos for dinner for a bit now and they’re super easy to make! Super customizable as well, with different veggies or grains, or adding meat for extra protein. Here’s what I do:

1 can of refried beans
3 cups cooked, seasoned rice
1 bag of frozen peppers and onions
1 bag of frozen or fresh spinach
About a cup of frozen corn kernels
Small can of diced green chilis
Whatever cheeses you want

I sautee all the veggies with cumin, salt, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and cayenne. With frozen, I like to thaw them unseasoned first with a lid on until a lot of the water has released from the greens, then strain them and return to the pan to season and get them a little browned. Then I mix everything together in a big bowl and portion out. It usuly ends up being 8-10 ounces of filling depending on how much water the veggies lose and how much cheese you add. I’m from Wisconsin, so I add a lot!

Like I said before, you could easily use a different kind of beans, use fresh veggies or a different blend, different seasonings to taste, etc. it’s also essentially vegetarian if you get vegetarian beans and use either the sazon Goya or veggie better than bouillon. With extra rice and/or fresh greens it could be a nice grain bowl/salad type of thing, or I eat it like a bean dip with some chips if I don’t feel like a burrito. I haven’t calculated the price, but with the exception of the spices nothing costs more than $3-4 apiece.

Edit: Some folks in the comments have mentioned the potential for spoilage with old rice, which is totally fair! I had not considered that since it’s not a problem I’ve run into yet. To prevent that, I would keep the rice separate and either make 2 smaller batches throughout the week, or freeze half and thaw it later in the week! You could also freeze half of the whole batch to keep everything fresher. Thanks to those who pointed that out!

How I meal prep a week of burritos