Here we go again: JNMIL, Mean Mommy round 2

So she’s still here and I’m still pregnant. Bub at this point is past due. The latest JNMIL shenanigans came to a head tonight. It all started with her accusing DH of using tobacco because she claimed she saw a dip can under the couch . Then she gets mad at me while he’s putting DS to bed because I backed him up.

So since DH is pretty steamed and I’m trying to get the kid out, we leave DD with her and spend about half an hour walking outside discussing family things etc. Then she texts me “you need to come back right now. I am done with DD.”

We get inside and DD gets in trouble because JNMIL said she went in and made her little brother cry. I can still hear him crying so I go into his room and it’s obvious he’s BEEN crying. DH put DD what I assumed was back to bed til I went to ask her what happened. Kid fessed up to most of it but said DS was already crying when she went in there and that her gma never put her to bed.

Cue asking JNMIL why she wasn’t in bed when she said she’d put her there, and instead of any kind of explanation she immediately starts with the guilt shit. “Oh I can never do anything right” and it just got uglier and escalated from there until she and DH were outside yelling at each other.

I cannot with this woman.

Updated to add: I just moved to this area. My friends, all 2 of them, aren’t in a position to even short-term care for children. Getting doulas doesn’t really work when you’re doing it at the very very end of pregnancy. As crappy as it is—and it is, there was no one else. No one. And she’s never been quite this bad before. Not great—but not this bad.

Here we go again: JNMIL, Mean Mommy round 2