Fiance told his mom he was getting a vasectomy to shut her up.

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I had a talk with my fiance after my last post about our family and how he needed to shut his mom down about the baby talk, Then I told him I would be getting my tubes tied, I could change BC but chose this was the simplest solution to any surprise babies in the future.

A couple days later my fiance came home and told me he had also made the decision to get a vasectomy. He had met an older gentleman while working that told him about how he went through something similar when he was younger, I can’t remember the full story but my fiance came home to tell me that he already missed out on so many things in our kids live’s because of overtime that he didn’t want to repeat it with another baby.

He went to see his dad on his birthday on Friday and MIL started on the baby talk again. My fiance straight up told her he was getting a vasectomy, And we both have agreed we don’t want another kid. MIL started crying and had to leave because she was upset.

She’s been sending him messages saying he could be making a mistake in case we don’t work out and he chose he wanted to have a child with someone else. He has blocked her because he can’t stand the fact she is like this.

We are thinking of cancelling seeing them today because she isn’t letting this go and fiance thinks his mom will try to make a speech about how he should reconsider getting a vasectomy.

Fiance told his mom he was getting a vasectomy to shut her up.