Do I exist or not?

Alright so my fiance and i have been together almost 6 years. I’m 25 almost 26 and he is 29 almost 30. We both live together in an apartment down South. Both of our families are from up North. So far away. My fiance rented a room up North nd i lived with my parents.

Every sunday just about we would go over to his mom and step dads for dinner. I always got along really well with them and his now 23 year old brother. His 28 year old brother lives far away in another state. When fiance moved in april i had to wait 1.5 years to move with him to save up money get my license and my own car. During that time I have reached out to his mom through text multiple times and i would get a one word response and i would mention getting together for lunch or something to catch up and she would say she would get back to me and then she never did.

It really hurt my feelings because i thought she liked me. I even went over to her house on her bday and gave her a bday card with a gift card to her fave restaurant in it. On my birthday i got no acknowledgement. Yes she is huge on bdays because with everyone else she goes all out and even texts fiance every time it’s some random cousins bday to make sure he acknowledges it. Now that we live together and are engaged i thought she would acknowledge my presence in her son’s life more but nope. On xmas she gave him money and addressed it just to him which i found odd because we were engaged at the time and usually unless its a bday or something cards and invites get addressed to both parties of the couple because once you are engaged/married you are a social unit. My family addressed all xmas cards to both of us. She will mail him coupons and address it just to him with nothing in there for me.

I am just really confused because she seemed to really like me but she treats me like we aren’t engaged living together and have been together years. She acts like I dont exist at times. Literally only texts me when she can’t get a hold of my fiance. It’s like i only exist to her when she needs something and it hurts. I talked to my fiance about it and he said she has never mentioned not liking me. I also joked with him about her not realizing I live there now too and he agrees it’s odd. Obviously I wouldn’t want him to say anything to her but it does hurt my feelings.

Here is the icing she talked about going to visit her other son and said to fiance when she called would you like to go with me. Didn’t say would you guys like to come with me. Again acting like we aren’t engaged. And I’m sorry but once a couple is engaged/married they should be invited as a couple. Fiance then said well i would have to check with my fiance to see about her vacation time. Basically hinting that it was rude of her to not acknowledge me and my fiance said she didn’t say anything just oh ok…

Does anyone else have MILs that have poor manners and act like they dont exist? How do i handle it? Just ignore it i guess

Do I exist or not?