Didn’t think she could go any lower, but now she’s a fool.

I feel like my post here the other day got attention. Fuck it, I’m calling my MIL Becky. I fucking hate that bitch.

Anyways, earlier I had errands to run. My husband passed away and I’ve been neglecting nearly everything. I ran to the grocery store and picked up things to cook for my and my SIL while she took a nap.

I came back to a note taped on my BACK door. We always enter through the back door as it’s closer to the cars. Our front door has a ring camera and can see a tiny portion of the driveway. I take the note inside and open it.

A “confession” note from my husband’s “secret lover” and a whole graphic list of things. Confessing affairs, sex acts, weird shit. Describing the weird oval-ish birth mark on his left asscheek. Also a “don’t bother trying to look for me, you’ll never discover me” at the end which I’m CACKLING at.

The thing is, I know my husband never cheated on me. I know there was no affair. How did this “mysterious lover” know about his birthmark?

It was the woman who wiped his ass as a child.

This bitch really is trying to get me to hate my dead husband so I give her his fucking ashes. The ring camera shows her bright ass red car, the back yard camera showed her putting a note in before ripping a giant fucking fart. I’m actually cackling.

So anyways, I’m headed to talk to my lawyer on Monday about getting a restraining order. She’s been told multiple times she’s not allowed on my property. She’s just making my life easier if anything.

Didn’t think she could go any lower, but now she’s a fool.