Big calories and protein ideas??

So, I had a sugar addiction and would eat like a bucket of ice cream a day. I think it should’ve occurred to me that I have a fast metabolism since it never made me change my weight. I’m now 2 weeks sober of added sugars, and my powerlifting weights have decreased and I’ve been losing weight.

I refused to calorie count before because it’s made a lot of my friends develop eating distorters. I always looked at my Apple Watch’s move calories, ~650 a day on average. I realized in little text below it, it says “Total calories: 1800”. ITS 10 AM. I used a calorie calculator which said I should eat ~2500 calories a day, not factoring in my metabolism. I usually eat things like

– banana + peanut butter
– strawberries + spinach
– blueberries + oatmeal
– shredded chicken + bun
– celery + peanut butter
– protein cereal + protein milk
– almond milk + protein powder
– chicken + rice

Need more ideas pls. I’m a very small brained cook with an instant pot.

Edit: I also don’t eat red meat or fish

Big calories and protein ideas??