Am I overreacting??

Little back story.. me and my MIL use to get along very well the beginning of my SO and i’s relationship. She made up a lie and said I was the one that lied to her only to end up being the reason she said that is because I didn’t tell her who my exs were like wtf. Ever since that happened she has always been the first one in our business.

Fast forward her and my SO get into an argument and went NC for about 4 months, and will cry to everyone how she missed him but she never texted or called him at all. BTW we have a 1 year old together, and she never checked up on her and even now. He ends up going to her house and talks to her and they end up back on good terms….Me and her not so much.

She started asking about our daughter and asking to babysit her but will only ask him, he will tell her to text me since I’ll be the one picking her up and dropping her off. SHE SAID NO BECAUSE SHE WASN’T GOING TO BEG FOR HER!!! so I told my SO that if she does not text me to see how she is or if she can see her than she won’t be seeing her at all. At first he was very upset but after talking about it her understood.

She has 2 other boys which are older and she doesn’t call them that. He is the youngest boy and she thinks I’ve taken her “baby” away, she has a daughter but doesn’t give her the attention like the one she gives my SO.

Now to the point, she started calling him “papa” with heart/kissing emojis. which I know in some cultures that is normal but she started saying with every single message she will send. He doesn’t respond to that specific part but I don’t know if it just me or is that weird???

And we have gotten into more arguments after the “papa” and getting into our business again but he doesn’t realize that.

Am I tripping or what? I just think she want to marry him or something.

Am I overreacting??