A tale from a while back

The ever obligatory: Please don’t use my stuff anywhere else. also using a phone to post while I’ve got a moment.

So this is a story about my just no mother .

So pregnancy was not my friend. Pnb and I do not get along at all after years growing up with various abuses. This was the final straw that broke the camels back and made me go NC once and for all.

Pnb has never met my hubs and hopefully never does. At the time of this we were engaged. Living separately but I was maybe 19??? Weeks pregnant. I had spent the day before in a&e due to pregnancy issues from about 8am till 9pm so understandably was very drained.
Pnb had already been issued rules of do not buy anything for the baby especially no gender specific etc as well as it being made clear that it was extremely unlikely unless I see clear change her behaviour has been address and counselling has happened.

So pnb turns up the next day at my nans . Anyway she turns up sits down. Asks me for £300 for her divorce to a guy I do not approve of and with good reason. Got met with a no. Nan comes in the room asks her for £200 for her divorce and met with a no. Proceeds to hand me a shopping bag with a bunch of odd baby things and breaking the cardinal rule a frilly girly dress. I basically politely declined and said no thank you we specifically said not to buy anything and especially no gender stuff on anything that’s pretty disrespectful.

She gets a face on her chewing a wasp look. You know the kind right? Thinking of how to make a big victim card?
She then goes ‘so are you taking hubs to go meet your dad then?’
I said ‘he met them ages ago’ the reaction she got full on crazy b mode. Attitude and tantrum full swing. I told her to drop the attitude she is in the situation of her own making. She didn’t drop it. She got riled up and declared ‘fine your dad can pay for everything then’ before dramatically packing herself to go leaving the offending crap behind. I said ‘actually no hubs and I provide for my kid. You will never see them, you haven’t changed. I’m done’ she storms out slamming the door.

Apparently she changed her number according to nan in retaliation. I had enough completely and didn’t reach out. She turned up again 2 weeks later trying to ambush my Nan and myself forcing a card with no apology just pure emotional blackmail and her new phone number in like 5 times. And a bunch of random thrown together ‘just because gifts’ I just blocked the new number. Been no contact since then.
But that’s the short of why I went NC.

I’m so glad I never gave due date exact or any information and had the hospital on watch. But so far so good NC is maintained. She doesn’t seem to have changed. She did try flying monkeys with messed up lies about her being in hospital.

A tale from a while back