So I posted here about 7 months ago speaking about how my husband and I went no contact with my entire family because their addicts, abusive etc.
I spoke about how we conquered our addictions mobed across the country and had a baby boy.
Then the trouble with my MIL began.
My MIL has accused me of still being a drugg addict, lying about my childhood, trapping my husband , she told me I’m too skinny, need to eat more and my face looks sunken in…
She fed our son pop after we repeatedly said no processed sugar as he was under 1.
Completely undermines our parenting.
I will post the link to my other post in the comments.
I was struggling with the idea of seeing her for Christmas and you fine folks told me absolutely not.

Here’s where the update begins!
As luck would have it our flights got canceled so we canceled the entire Christmas trip.
We had a long phone call with her talking to her about honesty and respect and how she needed to get it together.
She said sorry a hundred times without ever actually saying for what or holding any accountability. She promised to never do it again etc.
So we plan a trip for April to celebrate my son’s birthday with my husband’s side of the family and some our friends. We planned to have his birthday at GIL hous as hes getting old so we felt he would enjoy it. I also did not want the party at MILs as i knew she would try and take over. I allowed her to get the cake for the party and that was a never ending battle. For over a year we had the plan to have the party at GILS.
What a fucking mistake that was.
The trip starts with us going to see his grandpa in which we haven’t seen for a year due to not being able to fly out.
We walk in and immediately notice something is wrong with grandpa. Suddenly hes getting us confused and not remembering who husband was, his own grandson.
MIL aka The Witch pulls my husband aside and says I don’t think grandpa is well enough to have the party here you should have it at my house or golden child’s.
My husband was ofcourse in shock. Meanwhile this is a week before the said birthday that I had planned for awhile…
Mind you MIL also sees grandpa multiple times a week every week.
We left shortly after me none the wiser as MIL ofcourse has this conversation behind my back.
My husband fills me in and if I wasn’t already furious with her that certainly sent me over the edge.
Husband also told me that this was a pattern with her in his childhood and has not been his first time experiencing this.
Husband goes over to her house the next day and tries to get answers.
She tried to actually say that was the very first day grandpa had that issue. Completely disregarding that he was clearly very ill. There is no possible way he got that way over night.
He even tried to call her out for the things she said about me that she supposedly already apologized for but then spends the evening backing up everything she said.
So the next day is my son’s birthday. We decided to have it at Golden child’s house as we had no other option .
We head over there in the morning and he says he’s going to mommy’s house because she is sobbing uncontrollably…. she says she can’t stand the false accusations and doesn’t think she can come to the party because she’s sobbing so hard LOL bye.
So she ends up not going and not saying a word to us about it. The entire day all the family members are texting her and making the entire day about her which is exactly what she wanted. It was incredibly awkward and I was getting rude comments from everyone.
Not to mention golden child spent the entire morning over there feeding into the drama. Trying to make the Witch feel better.
Also not to mention that now the whole narrative is turned to make her look like the victim in this situation.
She calls husband the next day with the audacity to ask if she can come over to talk.
I grabbed the phone I was furious! I told her she spent my child’s birthday making it about her drama instead of about him. I called her out on the bullshit she has been saying and she blatantly tried to gaslight me. Tried to completely change a conversation and at one point told me she just didn’t remember saying that…
She never owned up to lying about grandpa or any of the other nasty things she has said and done.
She even stated she would only own up to what she did and that was only the weight comment.
In which she couldn’t lie about because she said that one infront of my husband. It was so infuriating.
I told her I will never let her treat my son the way she treats hers and she needs to get serious help and then I hung up the phone and blocked her on everything.

I can not believe the audacity of this woman.
The whole family is giving me the cold shoulder and have not spoken to either of us.
All because we called her out for lying to us.

Although I’m glad I eventually took yalls advice and blocked her and we are finally free!