I am trying out new lunch options and really enjoyed a 3-bean salad, and a quinoa/artichoke/sun dried tomato salad.

I know you can practically throw anything with whole grains or beans and make a lunch salad, but when I look up recipes I am struggling with them including all sorts of exotic ingredients OR not being suitable for lunch for 1. . I like the artichoke/sun dried tomato because I can open a jar and store the rest in the fridge without spoiling immediately. I have a variety of grocery stores near me so there’s probably not a single ingredient you can name that I can’t purchase, but I don’t want to shop for 4 different fresh veggies and need like half a whatever. I don’t mind including dairy or meat, but would prefer to stick with a Mediterranean diet friendly recipe.

What’s your favorite whole grain/bean salad, preferably with veggies?